Using The Traditional College Application Process vs The Routree App.

Using The Traditional College Application Process vs The Routree App.

As high school seniors across the country gear up for college application season, many are wondering how to go about it. For decades, the process has been essentially the same: Filling out a few forms, writing some essays, and waiting for a response.

This year, however, a new app is shaking things up. Routree is a mobile app connecting students with college admission and coaching personnel to get accurate assessments of successfully getting accepted. It streamlines the process by allowing students to set up a verified profile that Routree matches with schools and athletic programs best suited for them.

The app projects to be a hit among students and educators alike. “Routree makes the college process more efficient and less stressful,” says Tanny Terry, a guidance counselor at American High School.

The traditional college application process is outdated. It’s time-consuming, expensive, and doesn’t always reflect a student’s true potential. With the Routree app, you can connect with any college admission representative or coach at any school globally with just a few taps on your phone. Plus, our team of experts will help you with every step. So what are you waiting for graduates? Get started with the Routree app now!

Routree has been helping students get into their dream colleges for over 20 years. Routree provides a suite of services to ease the application process making it smooth and quick as possible. from finding out which schools are right for you based on your interests or academics (and maybe even before those things have been decided), all way through submitting applications and paying fees — we’ve got it covered!

In addition, there is always free advice available 24/7 if ever the need arises so don’t hesitate any longer time-wise because being able to work together could lead down one exciting path while leaving others behind.